Hello and welcome to Real Wine Retreats!

Join me, and Rachel Signer of Pipette Magazine for a 5-day retreat June 10th - June 14th in Slovenia.

This retreat project was born out of our dream to create a place for people passionate about natural wines, who would like to travel, feel and experience the environment where these wines are produced, meet winemakers, taste wines at their origins and really dive deeper into the lifestyle and philosophy of production.

This will be an immersive wine and culinary experience and will include daily workshops on practices applied in the vineyards to approaches that winemakers are implementing in the wine cellars. We will learn about different philosophies and schools of thought that these winemakers are applying not only to their vineyards but their daily lives. From learning how to prepare biodynamic sprays with nettles and other powerful herbs to in-depth wine tastings with hours long lunches and dinners with winemakers to a quick soak in the salt spa on the Slovenia coast, the Real Wine Retreat in Slovenia is an opportunity for you to completely unplug from your daily routine, meet likeminded natural wine lovers and dedicate time to learn more about wine in this part of the world and in the process about yourself.

Location: Slovenia 

Date: Monday, June 10th - Friday, June 14th 2019 

Guests: This is a small retreat and spaces are limited to eight guests.

Accommodation: We will be staying at small boutique hotels, homesteads and wineries in Slovenia.

Wine: Abundant amounts of natural wines that we will be able to taste and enjoy at the following wineries: Štekar, Klinec, Marko Fon, Zorjan, Aci Urbajs, Gordia, Marko Tavčar, Radikon.

Food: We will be enjoying incredible meals and have a traditional feasts at wineries and local restaurants - all prepared with organic, fresh and local ingredients that our hosts mostly grow on their gardens.

We are now in the process of accepting inquiries so if this sounds like a trip for you and your friends, fill out the inquiry form on the right side. Once you fill out the form we will be in communication and will send you a link with detail itinerary and explain you how you could secure your spot.

We love questions, comments, and hearing from you in general. If you have any questions about the retreat or just want to say hello, please fill out the form or send me an email at maja@wineforte.com.

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