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Introductory Wine Class Series

No snobs allowed! This wine class series is designed for wine novices and those who are just getting introduced into the wonderful world of wine. In this series of classes we will learn the basics of how wine is made, explore wine regions around the world, learn about different grape varietals and styles of wines, and most importantly: how-to find great-tasting and great-value bottles amidst a sea of wines.

Each class is two hours long and divided into two parts - one hour of theory and one hour of hands-on tasting of a minimum of five wines. Sometimes the two will interchange and we will cover theory as we taste or pair wines with food. When it comes to learning about wine, the more you taste, the more you learn - it’s simple as that!

If your knowledge is a bit more advanced and would like to brush up on some basics you are welcome to join us as well. If you think this level is something you already feel comfortable with than we recommend you to sign up for intermediate and advanced class series that we will announce shortly.